Widen Your


Customized Document Output Management strategies that meet your needs today and into the future

Inside Edge is a consulting service whose goal is to bring your copier and printer program under control.

Most companies will choose a copier/printer vendor based on very limited information and pricing. Our goal is to widen your perspective, allowing you to see the full picture and understand how it affects your choices when managing your fleet of document output devices.

We do not sell equipment, service or supplies. We do not come to you with a preconceived solution. Our analysts will work with you to identify your specific needs and goals, then determine a solution that is custom-tailored to your organization.

We are on your side
We are not affiliated with any vendors or manufacturers. Our goal is to improve your print output environment, reduce your costs, and raise productivity levels within your organization. And you can rest assured that you will remain in control - decisions are always made by the client.

Consulting Services

Printer Expense Reduction

Inside knowledge of this industry guides our clients to the best options for their unique print/copy environment. Once we understand your present situation, your goals, your budget and your corporate culture, we'll determine the solution that will bring your copier/printer program under control.

Our Process

Copier Cost Reduction Analysis

Creating the ideal document management plan begins with knowing where you are today. We start with a no cost/no risk assessment of your current document output environment.

Program Benefits

Typically we find savings of 30-45%. In addition, invoicing procedures are streamlined, saving time for your accounting department. In the future, your document output costs will be easily tracked.